Welcome Back!

Good evening everyone, my name is Michael Grosso or RumorBreak as you guys may know. I live in Toronto, Ontario and I am an NHL insider but most of all, I am an inspired hockey fan. Nonetheless, this is my official website/blog where I will be posting the most recent and accurate rumors, signings and trades all around the NHL (I will still be using Twitter as my primary source to give out information). I would just like to welcome you all to my website and hope you guys will like my blogs! Now let’s get ready for a hectic few days, weeks and months as there is a lot of buzz around the National Hockey League. More posts will be coming your way throughout the next couple of days so stay tuned for that and have a good evening everyone!

Got a few extra minutes? I’d love to hear who you guys think will win the Stanley Cup this year1

– RumorBreak, be sure to follow me @RumorBreak


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